New tendencies in vision of asthma. Neurogenic aspects of disease
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  Nervous system, neurogenic mechanisms and asthma

Antiepileptic drugs in pharmacotherapy of bronchial asthma
Overview of neural pathways in allergy and asthma
The role of neuroeffector mechanisms in the pathogenesis of asthma
Potential usefulness of inhibiting neural mechanisms in asthma
Neural mechanisms in asthma
The role of nerves in asthma
Autonomic innervation of airways: function and pathophysiology in asthma
Airway autonomic nervous system dysfunction and asthma - 1
Airway autonomic nervous system dysfunction and asthma - 2
Neural mechanisms in asthma: new developments
Overview of neural mechanisms in asthma
Neural-immunologic interactions in asthma
Role of airway smooth muscle in asthma: relation to the neuroendocrine system
Control of breathing in normal subjects and in patients with airflow obstruction
Neural control of human airways in health and disease
Neural regulation of the smooth musculature of the airways
Pathogenesis of asthma. Neurophysiology and pharmacology of bronchospasm
Neural mechanisms in asthma
Neural factors in the weather sensitivity of asthmatics
Neural control of airway vasculature and edema
Bronchial hyperreactivity: neurogenic factors
Non-adrenergic, non-cholinergic neural control of the airways
Neural mechanisms in asthma

Neurogenic inflammation and asthma

The role of neural inflammation in asthma and COPD
Neuroeffector mechanisms: the inflammation and neuronal responses
Airway inflammation and autonomic control
Neurogenic mechanisms in bronchial inflammatory diseases
Neuroimmunology and inflammation: implications for therapy of allergic diseases
Neurogenic inflammation in the airways
Neurogenic inflammation
The concept of neurogenic inflammation
Neurogenic inflammation and asthma
Neurogenic inflammation in airways and its modulation by peptidases
Neurogenic inflammation in the airways
Neuropeptides in human airways: function and clinical implications
Neurogenic and myogenic mechanisms of bronchial hyperresponsiveness

Neuromediators and asthma

Tachykinins in the lungs
Kinins in the pathogenesis of human airway diseases
Non-adrenergic bronchodilatation
Nerve growth factor: the central hub in the development of allergic asthma?
Neurotrophins and asthma: novel insight into neuroimmune interaction
Airway sensory nerve and tachykinins in asthma and COPD
Combined tachykinin receptor antagonists for the therapy of respiratory diseases
Tachykinins in the lungs
Nerve growth factor-induced substance P in capsaicin-insensitive vagal neurons innervating the lower mouse airway
The role of substance P in inflammatory disease
The role of neurotrophins in asthma: contribution of the neurotrophin receptor p75
Neurotensin pulmonary metabolism in normal and asthmatic subjects
The role of neurotrophins in bronchial asthma
Neurotrophins in bronchial asthma
Endogenous opioids as mediators of asthma
Substance P and its receptor neurokinin 1 expression in asthmatic airways
Role of tachykinins in asthma
Involvement of kinin and tachykinin in airway hyperreactivity
Tachykinins, sensory nerves, and asthma--an overview
Tachykinins in the lungs
Kinins in the pathogenesis of human airway diseases
Mediators and neuromediators in asthma
Sensory neuropeptides and airway function
The role of sensory neuropeptides in the pathogenesis of bronchial asthma
Effect of the GABA-agonist baclofen on bronchial responsiveness in asthmatics
Role of GABA receptors in the bronchial response: studies in guinea-pigs
Inhibition of bronchial hyperresponsiveness by the GABA-agonist baclofen
Effects of GABA agonists on Herxheimer microshock in guinea pigs

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